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Natural Aptitude Test - R.A.L.I.E.


Scottish Deerhounds Scottish Deerhounds
1st European Coursing Championship at Charmes (88), July 2002


Natural Aptitude Test (TAN) - R.A.L.I.E.

Owner, breeder or simply lover of the Deerhound or the Wolfhound, each one wishes to own or breed one or several strong hounds with harmonious lines, showing speed, grace and elegance together with a good temperament and a perfect sociableness.

The objective of the TAN is to maintain a stock of sighthounds having preserved the primordial aptitude which is to run after a game (lure) and try to catch it.

TAN, Scottish Deerhounds


The test of the TAN is twofold:

1) A circuit alone (solo) to judge the spirit, the coursing instinct towards the game, the speed and the power: a solo after a lure (preferably on an open circuit) equipped with the skin of a game. At the starting point the hound is maintained on a lead (muzzle, collar or cassock are not necessary).

2) A circuit with another sighthound to ascertain the good behaviour towards his fellow-sighthound: a duo allows to judge the sociable side of the sighthound towards his congeners (the second fellow may be another sighthound who undergoes the test of the TAN or already confirmed in Working).

The circuit
The distance between 150 and 250 m must comprise a straight line at least 80 m long (to judge the speed and the strength) and a turn at the right or the left (the angle of the wire must not be inferior of 120°) and end in an area of capture sufficient to seize the lure while running (the area of capture is not comprised in the length of the circuit).
The capture (which is not obligatory) should not be done in front of the lure-pulling machine.

The passing of the TAN on a racecourse is allowed.
The sighthound must be put in the same conditions as on a lure-coursing ground, which means:
• Departure slipped next to the boxes,
• A skin of a game fixed on the lure,
• Achieve at least the straight line of the departure and the two first turnings,
• The wearing of the cassock and the muzzle are not obligatory.

To take part in theTAN examination the sighthound must be
• Registered with LOF or another Kennel book recognised by F.C.I.
• Between 12 months and 4 years of age
• Tatooed or microchiped

Reasons for postponement
• No interest in the lure
• Giving up

Reasons for refusal
• Failure at the 3rd presentation
• Declared aggressiveness towards his fellow competitor

Transformation of the B.A.C. or the B.P.V. into TAN
Any sighthound having his B.A.C. or his B.P.V. may ask for the TAN simply by sending photocopies of the examination form and the qualification card (coloured card), certified true.

Experts for TAN
• The judges qualified for working in Lure coursing
• The qualification experts of the Lure coursing clubs and Racing clubs

Practical methods
The registration fee for the TAN examination is paid half / half by the Breed club and the organisers of the Test.

The entry forms must include the following indications:
• Date, place, nature of the test (TAN), distance
• Sex, name, birth date, tattoo number or micro chip, sire, dam, LOF or another Kennel book registration number of the Deerhound or the Irish Wolfhound
• Name of the breeder, name of the owner with his address and telephone number
• Name of the TAN expert, organising club, signature of the expert
• Decision (accepted, referred, refused)

Three copies of the form of the TAN passage will be filled in (1 for the owner, 1 for the organising club and 1 for R.A.L.I.E.).

The form intended for R.A.L.I.E. must be sent within 2 weeks (disregarding of the result obtained).
A dog may be presented three times at the TAN examination, but only in case of referring.

Duties and rights of R.A.L.I.E.
Following the successful passing, R.A.L.I.E. will notify to the SCC Service concerned any modification in the Quotation List for up-dating in the pedigrees.

R.A.L.I.E. holds the right to refuse any TAN having not respected the rules and methods presented in this document.

Fee for passing the TAN: 10,00 Eur


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