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temperament, character test and csau

For all dogs a good reliable temperament is a prime requirement and it is all the more important with our giants: the more they are big the more they are potentially dangerous.

The standards of our two breeds say respectively:
IWH – Behaviour / temperament « Agneau à la maison, lion à la chasseLambs at home, lions in the chase ».
DH – Temperament « Obedient and easy to train because eager to please. Docile and good tempered, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous. Carries himself with quiet dignity ».

In 1998, the French Kennel Club (S.C.C.) asked the breed clubs to include a practical test in their quotation systems, – in addition to the show results – either a working trial or a character test, which would also be required for the ratification of the French Champion title.
Accordingly R.A.L.I.E. organised its first character testing session the day before the Breed Show of 13 September 1998.


The Character Test


The test aims to evaluate the behaviour of the dog facing some distinctive situations of ordinary life and to reveal if ever a profound balance or an anxious nature with the individual. Fear or aggressiveness are very difficult to hide away, even by regular training.

Practical organisation

The owner and his dog follow a circuit which contains usual situations:

a. Sociability towards other dogs (owner and dog walk between several pairs (owner/dog) positioned in quincunx.

b. Sociability towards humans (meeting with a group of people, chatting loudly, challenging the owner and surrounding the dog).

c. Behaviour facing an unexpected situation (at first a plastic bottle plenty of gravel is shacked at the passing of owner and dog, then an umbrella suddenly opens in front of the tested dog).

The test is rated to 20 points, and to pass the test, the dog must obtain at least 12 points, between 10 and 12 he is referred and refused with less than 10 points.


CSAU (Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude to Work)


The CSAU permits to ascertain the poise and the outgoing temperament of the dog and the control exerted by the handler. The CSAU was instaured to comply with external requirements (legislator – public) and to stop the anti-dog campaigns and give a positive image of the dog.
The CSAU is the first probative test before passing any other working test. Any dog, be it registered with the Kennel Club or not, may pass it. The minimum age required to pass the test is 10 months.

Description of the Test

a. Stable and outgoing temperament: the handler passes the dog to an unknown person, moves off some steps and comes back.

b. Control of the tattoo: may be part of the test.

c. Noise: it’s up to the judge to decide (no gun-shot).

d. Walking on the lead: the dog should not pull (a slight tension is allowed).

e. Absence of the handler: the handler puts the dog in the position « sit » or « down ».

f. He stays away behind a hiding place for 30 seconds and finds the dog again in the same place and position.

g. Calling off: the handler lets the dog lie down, walks away some twenty paths and recalls the dog.

h. The dog should come back to the handler (within 15 seconds and a radius of 2 m).


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