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Selection - Dog Shows - D.C.M. Screening - Temperament, Character Test , CSAU


This is not the place to explain in detail the passing of a dog show. Let’s just remember some important facts about our topic : the conformation show as one of the criterion for selection.


What is a show for?


Dog shows play an important part in selection, they permit to judge the morphology, the movement and the temperament (phenotype).

They permit to compare breeding methods and results for the improvement of the breeds. That’s why the breeders are the most interested ones because it’s during shows that they can establish relations, exchange their experiences and compare their respective stock.


The passing of the judging and the qualifications


Each dog is judged according to the criterion of it’s standard and in comparison to the other dogs of his class.

According to the breed standards recognised by the F.C.I., the judge will note the qualities and the faults of the specimen presented to him, and then rate it:

EXCELLENT: for a dog or bitch coming very close to the ideal standard of the breed – presented in perfect condition – showing harmony and balance, having a certain “class” and a brilliant look. The superiority of his qualities must dominate the small imperfections, while maintaining the characteristics of his sex.

VERY GOOD: for a dog or bitch well typed, harmonious in his proportions and in good physical condition. He or she may be tolerated some venial faults, but not morphological. This qualification can only be given to a quality dog.

GOOD: for a dog or bitch having the characteristics of the breed but with faults, on the understanding that these are not redhibitory.

RATHER GOOD: for a dog or bitch with sufficient type, without notable qualities or lacking physical condition.

Each dog will then be compared to the other competitors and ranked.
In each class, except the Puppy and Beginners class, the best four dogs will be given a prize, the others will receive a rating without being ranked.

For the exhibitors nowadays, receiving a VG... seems to be an attack on honour... in fact a VERY GOOD DOG is what he is supposed to be: very good!

Of course, only the rating excellent allows to compete for obtaining theCACS and the CACIB.

For BOB (Best of Breed), the judge must enter into competition the best of each class, dog and bitch.






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Let’s laugh...

Two breeders join in paradise.
After some time, having met other dog fanciers, they ask Saint Peter whether they could organise a dog show.
« Certainly », replied Saint Peter,
« but where are you going to find a judge, they are all in hell!! »