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dilated cardiomyopathy screening


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List of dogs tested free from Dilated Cardiomyopathy (IDCM)

Any request for interpretation of a DCM examination by the official Expounder of the club must be submitted with the supporting documents (photocopies) to:

Gwénaëlle BERNARD - Les Carrières - F-50800 Beslon
Tel. +33 (0) 9 51 27 05 69 - Portable +33 (0) 6 09 49 82 46 - Gwénaëlle BERNARD


Information about health in our two breeds is published at regular intervals in the magazine of R.A.L.I.E. in order to inform the owners and breeders about the main pathologies.


Dilated Cardiomyopathy Screening (D.C.M.)


At the 2003 Breed Show, R.A.L.I.E. organised an investigation – free of charge, anonymous and optional – of the heart diseases, especially the dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) of the Irish Wolfhound. The day before, a very explanatory lecture with slides had been given (Magazine n° 110).
The prevalence of this disease in the Irish Wolfhound breed is proven. It already forms the subject of studies in several countries and we could no longer ignore this problem since health is the first criterion of selection.

Since then, we have put up a protocol of investigation – with the assistance of specialists in the matter – which entered into force on the 25th of Feb. 2006, when the majority of the Board of R.A.L.I.E. had accepted it. Previously, it had been validated and accepted by the Scientific Commission of the French Kennel Club (S.C.C.) and by the National Superior Council of the Order of Veterinaries.

The goal of this investigation is to lower the incidence of DCM in our population. Being and evolutive pathology, we ask for a testing every 18 months. The echographical examination will be practised according to a specific protocol and the results transmitted for interpretation to an official Expounder, chosen by the club, who will be the only one entitled to classify the dogs.

S’agissant d’une maladie évolutive, un seul dépistage dans la vie d’un chien n’est pas suffisant. Nous demandons un dépistage tous les 18 mois. L’examen échographique se déroulera selon un protocole bien précis et les résultats seront transmis pour interprétation à un lecteur officiel, choisi par le club, qui sera seul habilité à classer les chiens.

Furthermore, the testing will be included in the Quotation System: the examination will be compulsory for acceding to the distinctions Recommendated (4 points), Elite B (5 points) and Elite A (6 points) with the result “free from DCM” dating from less than 18 months. For the other hounds (not recommendated), even if it will not be obligatory, it remains strongly advised and the mention “free from DCM” will be added in the list of litters born. This will doubtlessly set up a criterion of selection for the future puppy buyers.

France is an important breeding country and it is therefore essential to join the circle of those who are already selecting, in order to give more weight to this venture which must pass beyond the boundaries of the frontiers with the only aim to improve the breeds

The details of the protocol and the forms to use for testing and screening may be consulted and downloaded in their French version. Because of their relevance for Wolfhound breeders and owners living in France only, they have not been translated into English.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Details and forms to download (french version):

1. Informations aux propriétaires

2. Protocole

3. Recommandations complétant le protocole

4. Fiche d’examen

5. Interprétation des résultats

6. Demande de dépistage au R.A.L.I.E.


Heart screening in 3 periods


Auscultation with the stethoscope


Electrocardiogram (E.C.G.)


Doppler ultrasound scan of the heart