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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound Club of France (R.A.L.I.E.) - agreed by the French Kennel Club - has been established in 1974.

Today we have some 370 members.


Joining up the owners and the breeders, guiding and supervising the breeding activities as well as protecting the interests of the Iriah Wolfhound and the Deerhound in France, while making them better known and appreciated by the public.

In recent years some 200-250 Irish Wolfhound and around 30 Deerhound puppies are registered annually with the French Kennel Club, as well as some rare imports.

R.A.L.I.E. publishes a magazine three times a year, available to members only, containing articles and information about the two breeds.

R.A.L.I.E. is an active member of the Federation of European Irish Wolfhound Clubs (E.I.W.C.) which numbers twenty full members and two associate members.

Scottish Deerhound

In 2006, R.A.L.I.E. had the honour to organise the 8th edition of the Congress of the EIWC and to host the event at le Touquet on 2-3 September 2006.