the r.a.l.i.e.


Membership with R.A.L.I.E.


Membership request



Requests for membership dated 1st of October onwards are taken into account for the coming year.

The amount of the annual subscription is:

* 38,00 Eur for a single person
* 43,00 Eur for a couple

* 30,00 Eur for a single person
* 35,00 Eur for a couple

Contribution for a benefactor from 70,00 Eur.

R.A.L.I.E. publishes a magazine three times a year, available to members only, containing articles and information about the two breeds.

The admission form for membership is available with the secretariat of R.A.L.I.E.:

Secretary general and Responsible for Information
Mr Chrystian Chardonnet
Rue du Château 7 - F-51600 Saint-Souplet-sur-Py
Tel./Fax. +33 (0) 3 26 03 78 06
Chrystian Chardonnet

BREEDERS: membership new owners

Some breeders have taken the good habit of offering the first membership with R.A.L.I.E. to buyers of their puppies.

o encourage this nice idea, the club gives the breeders a
« group rate «, 25,00 Eur per new Member (instead of 35,00 Eur - single person).

Just list the people involved with their full address and send with payment to our Treasurer. We hope that eventually the new members stay with us.


Some summaries of the Magazine...